June 26, 2006

Carley’s Stars

After Carley left a “comment”:http://www.foldastar.com/welcome-to-fold-a-star/#comment-3, I just had to find out more!
Turns out she’s an avid star maker too. Here’s some pictures of her project! (Video coming soon of how she folds her stars):

!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture-088.jpg (A bowl almost filled)!
!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture-089.jpg (Top view of the bowl)!
!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture-093.jpg (A can for scale)!
!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture-095.jpg (A can for scale 2)!
!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture-086.jpg (Three different sizes)!
!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Picture.jpg (A coin for scale)!

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18 responses to "Carley’s Stars"

  1. # someone commented on June 30th, 2006:

    Very nice indeed

  2. # PfromSanRemote commented on July 17th, 2006:

    Fun… A couple of things that you can do when you’re making a lot of stars:
    - use a credit card or ruler to bend the sides in (saves your fingernails!)
    - write ‘fortunes’ or ‘secret messages’ on the back of the strip of paper for people to find when they unfold them
    - string them together to make garland. Make a mess of stars but don’t crimp them yet. Using needle and thread, string them together. Then crimp them, spacing them out on the thread as you go (the crimp locks the star into place). You can also use paper beads to space them out as well.

    Have fun!

  3. # clifford commented on July 17th, 2006:

    they look like candies in that big bowl. i want to eat them!

  4. # Sunny commented on December 6th, 2006:

    Hi! I really love all those stars that you made and I am also making some myself for a nativity project we are doing. And my fingers hurt after doing a bunch!!!

  5. # Gemma Langdon commented on December 13th, 2006:

    I used to make these stars when I was little but had completely forgotten how to do them. I’ve been looking for ages on the net to try and find a site that would show me, and yours was just perfect. Thank you!

  6. # Ria commented on January 23rd, 2007:

    I made a whole bunce and boy did my fingers hurt!!!! Thank for the video it taught me how to make them really quick!!!!!!

  7. # Andy commented on February 2nd, 2007:

    I’ve also folded this with the video instruction you have made. Thanks!
    On my website there are also some ohter

  8. # Sara commented on March 7th, 2007:

    My substitute teacher showed us how to make these,
    i think its really fun!

  9. # Pp commented on June 14th, 2007:

    GREAT WORK, Congratulations!!!

  10. # Bo commented on June 18th, 2007:

    Very nice, i’m now busy with it to! I’ll send some pictures later on!

  11. # cristina commented on October 9th, 2007:

    i learn quik! there easy to make but then fifers hurt!

  12. # cristina commented on October 9th, 2007:

    I learn very quik!there fun to make & painful!

  13. # MO commented on October 30th, 2007:

    cool! They sure do look like candy! YUM!

  14. # Julie commented on November 29th, 2007:

    I’m wondering, what kind of paper does Carley use? The weight and texture of it really looks perfect and now I’m curious. =)

  15. # carly (different carly) commented on November 30th, 2007:

    I LOVE those colours ahh the small ones are SO cute!

  16. # matt commented on February 4th, 2008:

    iv got 1 question, how many are there? so far iv made 1,274 after 4 years e-mail me the answer atmcarroll65@yahoo.com

  17. # colorlover commented on March 24th, 2008:

    can you get paper to make these awesome stars NOT online for cheap?

  18. # Debbe commented on March 30th, 2008:

    i love those stars! I have similar paper at home, but I only have it one size, I’m curious. How or where does Carley get her paper that size?

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