June 30, 2006

Too Cheap to order paper?

Too cheap to buy paper? Sick of ToyToGo (a post coming soon about how you shouldn’t order from them!)? Want to play with stars, but not wait for your order?

Make your own! This comes from a reader – alecks. Print out, cut it up, fold a star!

!http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/origamistarpaper_small.jpg (Star Paper)!:http://www.foldastar.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/origamistarpaper.png

I’d suggest using a paper cutter if you have it – otherwise, have REALLY steady hands!

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7 responses to "Too Cheap to order paper?"

  1. # Emi/Jen commented on July 2nd, 2006:

    Well, I really am enjoying this site. After wanting to make origami stars for a looong time, I finally decided to and this site really helped me ^_^ I did buy paper from toytogo but I may also print some out and I did find this one site that’s cheaper ( http://www.origami.com.au/CRANEandSTARS.html )…But I am enjoying making them. I’m not too good (Alot of mine come out abit demented, if they even manage to come out like cute puffy stars) and my mom and neighbor are much better then me, but I’m trying. We have alittle less then half of this small jar filled and I bought one of each of the paper on each site so… >> We have lots to use. I hope to end up getting really good at these and make a really nice collection ^____^ I just have to keep practicing!

  2. # Aaron commented on July 23rd, 2006:

    Hey there, good site. i like the video.

    one suggestion for paper, if you want free or cheap but still want colorful, is to cut old magazine adverts into star-sized strips. the magazine paper is glossy and colorful and i think you can get old magazines from just about anywhere.

  3. # Jen commented on August 24th, 2007:

    hey i was just wondering hoew to you print the star strips of your page?

  4. # Valorie commented on November 2nd, 2007:

    I’ve always loved origami but only recently fell in love with the idea of mini stars in a jar thanks to Gunnerkrig Court, which is awesome. I’ve been trying to make my own as christmas presents for my family but it seems that I’m either using the wrong type of paper or the wrong dimensions. Right now I’m using a 6 3/4 in square of origami paper that I fold into 16ths and cut into strips (so I guess I end up with 6.34 x 0.4ish strips?) and then make the stars that way. It seems the paper’s either too thin or the dimensions are wrong because whenever I try and puff the stars it ends up crinkling and wrinkling inwards instead of puffing out so nicely as yours and Carley’s!

  5. # Anna commented on November 24th, 2007:

    This is just a sugestion… for the star strips, you can just go buy a roll of the ribbon you wrap around presents. Those ribbons are straight, cheap, colourful, and convinient because you can buy them pretty much anywhere and all you have to do is cut them into short piece.

  6. # matt commented on February 4th, 2008:

    i figured out how to pint it but when i do the strips are waay too small i tried enlarging the image on pixel post but it didnt work

  7. # Kelsey commented on March 31st, 2008:

    I go to those jo-anns 16 cents a sheet sales for scrap booking paper, its the most perfect paper, I then take a paper cutter and you get tones of pieces from one sheet,
    another good paper source is colorbok, a scrapbooking company, they sell like packs of paper for a dollar, and you get a bunch from a sheet, so its super cheap.

    a lot cheaper than buying precut

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